Karagwe Entrepreneurs Advocacy Support (KEAS) is a Non-Governmental Organization founded on January 2012 and was fully registered on February 2012 under section 12 (2) of the Non-Governmental Organization Act No.24 of 2002 with registration no.000NGO/00005278, to carry out its operations in Tanzania Mainland.

We have been working with the community for about three years since we started. Several projects have been done and others are proceeding. Ongoing projects now include, Entrepreneurship and Financial Education, Computer skills and secretarial services, Tree Nurseries, Aforestation and bee keeping, Microfinance and Microsaving.

Our main objective is to fight poverty through income generating activities. We have successfully created jobs and businesses to our young entrepreneurs by training them on how to run small businesses and how to manage their finances.

Our first project to undertake was Entrepreneurship and Financial Education.This project opened the minds of people who were jobless, with no ideas of business.Women and men started involving in different kinds of business. This project is still going on though it has some challenges like lack of training facilities like projectors, lack of training halls and  transport facilities for our staff to reach the targeted groups in the community.


Microfinance project started on November 2014 and has become one of our main project. This project was designed to support our trainees who had no capital for business start up. Slowly we tarted supporting the trained entrepreneurs by giving the small amount of funds for business startup. Up to now we have covered two districts namely Karagwe and Kyerwa of Kagera region located on North West of Tanzania. About 900 members of the community have enjoyed our services including women who are living in rural area.

Although we are a Non Profit Organization we do charge small interest on our loans in order to cover its costs and achieve operational sustainability. The charged interest on our loans supports our credit staff in the field, allowing us to bring services to customers who are living even in remote areas; the interest charged also enable us to borrow, re-lend and repay commercial capital, which means we are likely to reach many more low-income customers; and ensure that we remain reliable resource for our customers.

Many Low- income Entrepreneurs don't have the kind of collateral assets most commercial banks and Financial Institutions require;therefore members organize themselves in groups and guarantee each others' loans. They run a group in a democratic way, electing their own leaders,designing their own bylaws, managing funds, supervising loan repayments and enforcing penalties for non compliance.



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