Microsaving is a project within Microfinance program,it is a semi-formal saving consisting of small deposit accounts offered to lower-income entrepreneurs or individuals as an incentive to store funds for future use. It is a mobilization of savings through deposit services run by our organization for the purpose of helping poor people- particularly poor women- to manage their own economic affairs, and to 'lift' themselves and their families out of poverty. Microsavings accounts work similar to a normal savings account, however, are designed around smaller amount of money.

Savings program enable those without a reliable and regular income to save funds to be used in the event of disaster or misfortune. Micro-savings accounts help ensure safety and security of funds and pay a small bonus on the money saved.

This program is offered basically, to entrepreneurs and lower-income earners as a way to encourage savings for future business.

Microsavings as means of managing vulnerability.

Vulnerability can be understood as the likelihood that individuals, households, or communities will fall into or continue to experience poverty in future. The need of poor households to reduce vulnerability can limit their ability to pursue strategies for the economic and social improvement of the household members.Practices of savings that can make people feel more secure can foster their capacity to take the small risks necessary to improve their livelihoods. Therefore there is only one as aspect that poor people have for managing vulnerability.

Why microsavings?

There are several advantages in small savings:-

  • The saving does not require external approval
  • Savings can be used as collateral for credit
  • Savings pools risk and can be used against any hazard
  • The amount saved generates an interest each month and every year
  • It creates household budget and control
  • It is a way of creating capital for future business
  • Drawings and saving is regularly done without complications
  • Customer's account involves no charges in drawings and depositing
  • Savings protects present and future- well being against hazards and stresses

Microsavers include not only micro-entrepreneurs or lower-income earners, but also those poor people relying on remittances, pensions and other forms of support.Even children often have access to small amounts of cash and are increasingly being encouraged to "develop saving habit".


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