Microfinance project  has enabled poor people to turn business ideas and dreams into successful business.’ Micro’ refers to the relatively small sums needed to provide start –up capital or funding for Business growth. Microfinance is the provision of financial services to poor or low-income people on terms that can easily be afforded.  Microfinance involves lending small sums of money to people who do not have enough collateral assets to secure the loans. The loans provided referred as “microloans” are affordable for borrowers and can be repaid easily. Once the fund is collected is recycled to other borrowers, in this way a fund can support a number of different entrepreneurs and help build diverse and sustainable local economy.

Microfinance for Women Entrepreneurs.

In Africa especially to local areas, women are disproportionately excluded from owning financial resources needed to manage households, limiting their ability to be self-reliant, or contribute to the family’s income and decision-making. But wonderful enough, money in hands of women is more likely to be invested in the needs of the family such as education, family care and nutrition.

KEAS has designed a special loan for women that provides women with access to collateral-free credit. Many loans are used to support income-generating activities and micro-enterprises such as craft-making, cattle-rearing, cafeteria business and vegetables cultivation. By doing so, KEAS enhances Women Financial Awareness, strengthens social networks and creates self-employment opportunity to women.

Through this project, women can now employ themselves and get goods and services to their communities, while building assets for their own families.

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